My Miscellanies

by Wilkie Collins



Cases Worth Looking At

1-Memoirs of an Adopted Son

2-The Poisoned Meal

3-The Caldron of Oil

Nooks and Corners of History

1-A Queen's Revenge

2-The Great (Forgotten) Invasion

3-A Remarkable Revolution

Sketches of Character


2-A Shockingly Rude Article

3-Mrs. Badgery

4-The Bachelor Bedroom

5-Pray Employ Major Namby

6-My Spinsters

Social Grievances

1-A Journey in Search of Nothing

2-A Petition to the Novel-Writers

3-Give Us Room!

4-Save Me from My Friends

5-Mrs. Bullwinkle

Fragments Of Personal Experience

1-Laid Up In Lodgings

2-My Black Mirror

Curiosities Of Literature

1-The Unknown Public

2-Portrait of an Author

Other Pieces

1-Dramatic Grub Street

2-Bold Words by a Bachelor

3-To Think, or Be Thought For

4-Douglas Jerrold

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